Report: Google Employees Furious Over Use of the Word ‘Family’ During Company Meeting, Call...

One employee stormed out of meeting. Another employee wrote, "It smacks of the 'family values' agenda by the right wing, which is absolutely homophobic by its very definition."

167 Year Old California Catholic School Removes Statues of Mary and Jesus to be...

Officials at the San Domenico School in California decided recently to remove the Catholic statues and icons in a move to be seen as more inclusive.

Canada: University grad student reprimanded by faculty for discussion on transgender pronouns

LISTEN: A 9 min clip in which the faculty at Wilfrid University speak to a student teacher about a video of Prof. Jordan Peterson that she showed to class.

Police Officers Asked To Move Or Leave Starbucks After Customer Complains They ‘Did Not...

Several police officers were asked to leave a Starbucks coffee shop or at least move out of the line of sight after a customer reportedly complained the officers made them “not feel safe.”

WATCH: ReasonTV Asks College Students To Define ‘Hate Speech’

CHILLING: ReasonTV uploaded a video in which they asked students at the University of Southern California to define "hate speech".

California Professor: We Must Abolish ‘White Democracy’

"We must abolish it; we must destroy it, and that’s going to take a lot of work and effort.”

SJWs Get High School Musical Canceled After White Student Lands Lead

Student activists demanded the girl cast as Esmeralda be removed from the role because she's the "epitome of whiteness."

Evergreen State professor: ‘I have no way of knowing whether it’s safe for me...

The professor at the heart of the controversy at Evergreen State College—who was forced to flee campus for fear of his safety—is still wary of returning.

Bloomberg: Academia Has Turned ‘Hostile’ to Conservatism

Bloomberg View columnist Megan McArdle writes that academia has “turned downright hostile to conservatism” in a column published Tuesday.

University Hosts ‘Masculinity Confession Booth’ Instructing Male Students to Repent

University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, sets up confessional booth so men can confess their 'sins of toxic masculinity.'