Leftist students are demanding books containing ‘trigger words’ are removed from university libraries

Now 'snowflake' students are drawing up lists of ‘trigger words’ and demanding books containing them are removed from university libraries.

Professor lets students choose own grades for ‘stress reduction’

Georgia College STEM course lets entitled students choose grades, opt-out of homework, and leave student groups with new stress policy.

WATCH: ReasonTV Asks College Students To Define ‘Hate Speech’

CHILLING: ReasonTV uploaded a video in which they asked students at the University of Southern California to define "hate speech".

Head of British TV Network ITV Comedy drops all-male writing teams

British television network ITV has taken the extraordinary decision to ban all-male comedy writing teams from its shows.

SJWs Get High School Musical Canceled After White Student Lands Lead

Student activists demanded the girl cast as Esmeralda be removed from the role because she's the "epitome of whiteness."

University Of Minnesota Bans White, Straight Students From Its Safe Spaces

The University of Minnesota is banning white and straight students from a safe space on campus, according to a Thursday report.

New York City Professor Calls Merit-Based Education ‘Tool of Whiteness’

A NYC math professor wrote an academic paper contending that meritocracy (merit-based education) in math class is a tool of "whiteness".

Professor: Stop Calling All People Who Disagree with You ‘White Supremacists’

John McWhorter, an English Professor at Columbia University, is demanding that leftists stop labeling everyone that disagrees with them as “white supremacists.”

Canada: University grad student reprimanded by faculty for discussion on transgender pronouns

LISTEN: A 9 min clip in which the faculty at Wilfrid University speak to a student teacher about a video of Prof. Jordan Peterson that she showed to class.

Canadian Gender-Neutral Pronoun Bill is a Warning for Americans

Two weeks ago I posted three YouTube videos about legislative threats to Canadian freedom of speech. I singled out Canada’s Federal Bill C-16, which adds legal protection for “gender...