Obama Refers to America’s Unrest as ‘Great Awakening’

Former President Barack Obama referred to the ongoing unrest around the country, associated with the Black Lives Matter protests, as a “Great Awakening” in his remarks to a fundraiser for former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday.

Chinese Media Brands U.S. Statue Hysteria ‘America’s Cultural Revolution’

Chinese state propaganda outlet Global Times has branded the pulling down of statues, the banning of films and books, and the erasure of unsavory history in the United States as “America’s Cultural Revolution,” a reference to the massacres under Mao Zedong in the 1960s.

Shaun King: Statues of Jesus Christ are ‘form of white supremacy,’ should be torn...

Far-left activist Shaun King on Monday said all images depicting Jesus as a “white European” should be torn down because they are a form of “white supremacy.”

Poll: Nearly 100 percent of Democratic college students support defunding the police

A whopping 94 percent of Democratic college students surveyed recently responded that they support defunding the police, according to a recent online College Fix poll of 1,500 college students nationwide.

Should Christian apologists be doing more to combat socialism?

Multiple polls have indicated that socialism continues to gain support in the United States, especially among younger generations and political liberals.

Church’s Bible Study Compares Fox News Viewers to “Radicalized” Terrorists

Members of a prominent mega-church in Memphis, Tennessee were encouraged to read and discuss an essay that compared Fox News Channel viewers to terrorists.

Black Lives Matter founders admit they’re ‘trained Marxists,’ BLM’s goal is to ‘get Trump...

The Black Lives Matter co-founder has a leftist agenda to get President Trump out of office.

8 Frightening Characteristics of Propaganda

Does this sound like anyone’s playbook today?

UN Posts Tweet Defending ANTIFA, Then Deletes It After Massive Public Backlash

The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) has removed a social media post that defended the right of Antifa to “freedom of expression” and “peaceful assembly” after considerable backlash.

Teen Vogue Tweets ‘Welcome to Marx!’

In a bizarre move, a major magazine designed to influence an entire generation of teenagers — Teen Vogue — tweeted “Welcome to Marx!,” promoting a 2018 article hailing Karl Marx as a “legend” and adding that the communist philosopher’s ideas “are more prevalent than you might realize.”
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