University of Georgia campus descends further into emotionally-immature amateur hour with participation trophy policy to reduce college students’ stress, reducing a STEM course to little more than an “adulting” version of Kindergarten Nap-Time only to appease entitled students.


The university has put out a statement regarding the policy and wishes to assure the public that the original policy does not reflect the standard  of the University of Georgia.


We received a comment which stated that the course syllabus that we linked to in this article contained no such policy and that we should issue a retraction. Upon searching, we found that Professor Rick Watson had retracted and edited his policy, removing the Stress Reduction Policy. This was likely under the tremendous pressure he received by publications such as this one who wrote articles about the stupidity of this policy. The screenshot of the policy can be seen below. We will not have this Oceania-esque alteration of facts by editing the source, followed by a Hitleresque putsch at gas-lighting this publication into a corner so as to give us a bad reputation. I call on Rick Watson to issue a statement to confirm for the whole world that he did indeed have this policy at one time and has since removed it. Until then, we hope that this screenshot will survive. READ BELOW FOR ORIGINAL ARTICLE…

In a stunning but not-to-surprising example of the deteriorating quality of education and discipline in America’s universities, A UoG STEM college course in data management has adopted what they call a “Stress Reduction Policy”. This stress policy, in all its extravagant methods of stroking students’ over-inflated egos, essentially give entitled students the right to request the grades they want, opt-out of group assignments, and leave student groups without giving an explanation. All of this, says class instructor Rick Watson, can be done on the grounds of feeling stressed about inferior grades and inadequate performance.

This is just another example of appeasement-style teachers trying to make immature “Adulters” feel like they are achieving something despite the fact that they are failing school and spending their days fighting for some form of mythical “social justice” while eating avocado toast.

While the universities who adopt these sorts of policies will bask in the initial praise from their students and fellow moronic colleagues for being progressive in their teaching methods, colleges such as UofG will soon find the consequences of this policy. By allowing students to choose what grades they want and opt-out of homework assignments, it gives them instant gratification and satisfies their whinny, crying nature (character to children/liberal “adults”). But, more importantly and more frightening to me as someone who actually values education, it also devalues education as a purchasable product and an asset on the free market of our society.

Education gives value to the work we do as individuals after we graduate

Whether it is high school level education or higher education, it makes the goods and services that we produce be backed by a higher standard than our lesser-educated counterparts. It ensures our customers that they are getting something backed by a guarantee of quality, much like a gold-backed currency.

And as a system of quality-control, people who purchase goods and services and employers who hire on the free market of our capitalist society expect that system to be uniform. They as purchasers need to know exactly what they are buying before they make the purchase. But when instructors give out A’s to students who didn’t show the skill, comprehension, and discipline to earn an A grade, it makes the standard be empty and meaningless. As more and more instructors give out A’s to “go easy on ‘em”, the standard becomes more and more cheap and worthless until students are paying ridiculous amounts of money for something that can’t be trusted.

Employers will soon begin to stop caring if individuals have an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree because they can’t be sure if that degree has any real meaning behind it. With teachers handing out A grades like they’re Costco samples, there’s no more worth and there’s no guarantee that the students will have any work ethic or skill set behind them.

This hurts four groups of people;

Students who actually want to work for a good education, employers seeking educated workers, the universities who devalue their own currency of education, and the students who take advantage of these “Stress Reduction Policies” themselves.

It hurts students like me

It hurts me because all I want is an education and I am also willing to work diligently for it, but it drives down the value of the education that I am working for. The more these lazy, undisciplined, entitled students cry and whine for a grade they don’t deserve, the less valuable my hard work becomes because it is indistinguishable from the worthless, fake grades.

It hurts employers

Employers who are trying to fill their businesses with talented, skilled, and educated employees can no longer trust that college-grads know something as simple as the difference between their ass and their elbow, let alone the intricacies of something like data management. Employers now have to grope blindly in the dark, guessing at who might be worth the chance of hiring them.

It hurts the universities

Because the free market will begin to realize the worthlessness of a college education, people will stop paying ridiculous tuition to a school that won’t get them anything worth value in the work force. Universities will lose students and therefore revenue, leaving only the screaming, sexually-frustrated feminists and the gender studies club who require government assistance to attend in the first place.

It hurts the entitled students themselves

Lastly, it hurts the students who have called for, advocated, and taken advantage of this ridiculously moronic classroom policy. It hurts them, possibly most of all, because they receive an A for work they didn’t do. After this brief moment of their life spent in la-la-land, where they are miraculously an A student, they will earn their degree and be expected to know the subject of their field. It will soon be discovered that they know nothing about the subject they majored in because they spent their college days complaining about how hard life is and why they shouldn’t get a bad grade. An alternative scenario is they will coast through this particular STEM class and others with similar policies, get an A without learning anything, and will get saddled with a strict teacher who has at least half of a brain and at least some vague idea about what you should and shouldn’t do as a teacher. But, let’s be honest, it’s college professors we’re talking about; the latter option is highly unlikely.

Hitler was appeased in hopes of avoiding war but was only empowered more.

We Must Remember that Appeasement Never Works

Europe tried to appease Hitler before the war by giving him Czechoslovakia, and it only made him stronger and want more. So, now, college campuses need to not appease the leftist, anarchist mob trying to take what they want from colleges and start lording over them like little Marxist sandboxes in which they get to play Stalin over their school’s professorial bourgeoisie.

Overall, the morons in the higher education system can either stop the ridiculous peddling to entitled students who think society owes them the world or else the entire system will collapse. We all know that college administrations aren’t very good at learning their lessons. And we all know what comes from peddling to students who start making demands…

We’ve seen it in Berkeley, we’ve seen it at Evergreen, and we’re going to keep seeing it until policies like Rick Watson’s “Stress Reduction Policy” are removed entirely and we get back on track to strong education in our colleges again.

Source: CSC Media Group and Campus Reform


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