‘Unplanned’ nominated for three awards, edited out of televised show

Despite the fact that the film was recognized on stage for its nomination for one of the Best Movies for Mature Audiences, every mention of the film was cut from the televised show.

Poll: 4 Major U.S. Denominations Support Abortion

A Pew poll reveals that most mainline Christian churches and many denominations agree that abortion should be legal “in all or most cases.”

Senate Democrats block bills against late-term abortion, infanticide

The U.S. Senate failed to get the 60 votes to ban abortions after 20 weeks into a pregnancy while another required medical care for babies that survive the procedure.

Baptist Minister: Killing Babies in Abortion Should be a “Religious Right”

Sadly, there are those who are trying to usurp and distort their religious teachings to claim abortion is not only acceptable but good.

UN insists on abortion, contraception worldwide, even for women who don’t want them

No right to abortion exists in international human rights or humanitarian law, but a new U.N. report seems to call for abortion everywhere — even where it is illegal.

Babies Born Alive After Abortion Can be Left to Die Under New York Law...

One year ago this month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo this week signed into law a bill that legalizes abortions up to birth. While that has been the main focus of the legislation, the new law also revokes medical care for babies who are born alive after botched abortions.

207 Members Of Congress Urge SCOTUS To Reconsider ‘Roe v. Wade’

Congressional Republicans have now taken aim at the infamous decision Roe v. Wade by urging the Supreme Court to revisit the nearly 50-year-old case that enshrined abortion as a constitutional right across all 50 states.

Jury Rules Against David Daleiden, Undercover Journalists In Federal Planned Parenthood Case

The jury in a federal civil trial ruled Daleiden and his colleagues at the Center for Medical Progress must pay Planned Parenthood $870,000.

Pro-life doctor in South Africa fired for calling a fetus a human being

A doctor in South Africa has been fired and is facing charges of unprofessional conduct after he said to a patient that a fetus is a human being.

Judge Upholds David Daleiden’s Right to Expose Planned Parenthood Aborted Baby Part Sales

Undercover investigator David Daleiden has been vindicated in court against the bogus lawsuit Planned Parenthood filed after his videos exposed the abortion giant for selling aborted baby parts.
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