Jim Carrey called out by Venezuelan journalist over support of socialism

One week after Jim Carrey suggested we "say yes to socialism," a Venezuelan journalist is speaking out against the actor's suggestion.
Young Democratic Socialists of America

Democratic Socialists On College Campuses Increase By 280%

YDSA has experienced 280 percent increase in the number of clubs from 2016 to 2018 with 57 registered chapters on college campuses.

Marxists and Extreme Radicals Seek to Take Over the Democratic Party

A far-left group behind rising Democratic star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is rife with Marxists and other far-left radicals.

California Bill Considers Replacing Lincoln or Washington’s Birthday With ‘May Day’

A California assemblyman vehemently argued against a bill that would adopt a Communist International Workers’ Day as a paid holiday.

At Least 17 Democratic Socialists Of America Are Running For Office In Texas In...

The giant red state has been targeted by the left and they are dumping millions into the state to turn it blue forever.
How Believing in Socialism Can Make You Miserable

How Believing in Socialism Can Make You Miserable

A philosophy of resentment only holds people back.

4 Common Capitalism Myths Debunked

The term Marx coined stuck and has led to some confusion about why markets actually work.

Poll: Nearly Half Of Millennials Prefer Socialism To Capitalism

Nearly half of American millennials (44 percent) would rather live in a socialist society than a capitalist one, according to a new report.

Things Are So Bad In Venezuela That People Are Rationing Toothpaste

A tube of toothpaste costs half a week’s wages.

Mark Zuckerberg Calls for Universal Basic Income in America

Zuckerberg closed his speech at Harvard this week by discussing the need to “modernize democracy” and calling for universal basic income.