Notre Dame and the Fate of the West

By BILL MUEHLENBERG – While the smoke still rises, many are asking if this is not a fitting picture of France in particular, and Europe and the West in general.

Australia’s Day of Infamy

Mark in your calendars December 7, 2017. It is a day of infamy. It is one of Australia’s darkest days.

“Equality” for Same-Sex Couples on Birth Certificates = Inequality for Kids

By KATY FAUST – Children raised by gay couples will always be missing a biological parent as well as the dual-gender influence that children crave.

Big Business, Radical Agendas, and People Power

By BILL MUEHLENBERG – Folks who are sick and tired of radical leftist agendas being pushed on them by companies should be voting with their feet.

With the Confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh the Battle Has Begun

By DR MICHAEL L BROWN PhD – It was a nice victory, but now is not the time to rest on your laurels. In a very serious sense, the battle has just begun.

Why is Facebook censoring a conference on Christianity and religious freedom?

By AUGUSTO ZIMMERMANN – Facebook believes that material relating to a conference on religious freedom violates their ‘community standards’.

The Cult of Violent Vegan Vigilantism

By BILL MUEHLENBERG – What are we to make of the radical vegans causing mischief and mayhem all over Australia?

Why Are So Many Millennial Christians Confused About Homosexuality?

By DR MICHAEL L. BROWN Ph.D – How is it that the Bible can be so clear on a particular subject — in this case, homosexuality — and yet some Christians are not clear on what the Bible says?

Jesus Was Not a Refugee

By DAVE PELLOWE – Let's graciously indulge the clumsy comparison while examining immigration policy which the claim that “Jesus was a refugee” supports.

Love is Love is a Lie, Here’s why

By ROD LAMPARD – If “love is love” is the new moral standard, then adultery, promiscuity, bestiality, and number of other sexual sins are not only justifiable, they are permissible.