Three Men Get ‘Married’ in Colombia and There is No Slippery Slope

By DR. MICHAEL BROWN Ph.D – In 2016, gay “marriage” was legalized in Colombia. Now they have recognized a polyamorous “family” of three men.

In Canada, Big Brother is Ready to Raid Your Home and Steal Your Child

By DR. MICHAEL L. BROWN – We have not been exaggerating the danger. The unthinkable is now reality in Canada. And it could be coming to America next.

Undeniable Proof that America Has Gone Mad

By DR. MICHAEL L. BROWN – In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock the last few years, here’s a newsflash: America has gone totally mad.

Adolf Hitler’s Debt to Karl Marx

By DR. AUGUSTO ZIMMERMANN, PhD – When socialist heirs fling the slur that conservatives are 'Nazis', they should look much closer to home.

Yes, Gay Activists are After Your Children

By DR MICHAEL L. BROWN Ph.D – For years we have heard that the homosexual movement cannot grow by reproduction, so it must grow by seduction.

Australian Same-Sex Marriage Vote: ‘Yes’ Wins

By BILL MUEHLENBERG – After a long bitter few months of debate, electioneering and controversy, the vote is now in: the “Yes” vote has won.

There Is Nothing Funny About Abortion

By DR. MICHAEL L. BROWN, Ph.D – There is nothing in the least bit funny about abortion. Not for the baby’s mother. Not for the baby’s father.

The Biblical View of Civil Government: A Classical Liberal Appraisal

By AUGUSTO ZIMMERMANN – Our great struggle is to fight for justice and liberty and to maintain a government that is strictly under the law.

The Sexual Militants, the Assault on Morality, and the Inversion of Reality

By BILL MUEHLENBERG – You know the end is near when good is called evil, wrong is called right, and fantasy is declared to be reality.