Boy Scouts to change name, drop ‘Boy’ and accept girls in 2019, organization says

After 108 years, the Boy Scouts is set to drop the gender from its name and re-emerge as "Scouts BSA" in an effort to be more "inclusive".

Children as young as FOUR are told to tell on pupils who ‘misgender’ their...

British children as young as four are told by head teacher at 'trans-friendly' primary school to tell on pupils who 'misgender' their classmates.

Canadian Schools Ban ‘Operation Christmas Child’ Charity Because of ‘Homophobia’

Canadian schools in Newfoundland and Labrador will no longer be participating in a popular Christmas charity because of their Christian values.

University of Sussex Student Union Bans Use of ‘He’ and ‘She’

University of Sussex student union bans use of pronouns 'he' and 'she' - because they 'don't want to make assumptions about gender'.

San Francisco Bans Fur Sales to Protect Animals, But Killing Unborn Babies is Perfectly...

Politicians recently examined the fur coat industry and determined that it was a shame that the city was killing animals for profit.

British Girls’ School Bans Staff from Calling Students ‘Girls’

The Altrincham Grammar School for Girls in the United Kingdom has officially banned its teacher from addressing its students as “girls.”
People who practice yoga contribute to white supremacy, professor claims

People who practice yoga contribute to white supremacy, professor claims

White people who practice yoga are contributing to a “system of power, privilege, and oppression.”

Teen Who Said There Are Only Two Genders Expelled from School, GoFundMe Shut Down

A Scottish 17-year-old who was suspended for filming his teacher telling him that he could not say in class that there are only two genders has been told he cannot return to his school.

College student barred from class for rejecting ‘the reality of white male privilege’: Report

The student was barred from class and given an academic referral for disputing “the reality of white male privilege.”

Army Abandons ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’, ‘Mankind’ as Officers Order Gender Neutral Language

The Joint Equality Diversity and Inclusion unit are instructing fresh recruits to replace commonly used English words with politically correct alternatives.