“Ze” Gender-Neutral Pronoun Being Pushed by Safe Space Universities is Identical to Communist China...

Elite Western universities and their resident social justice warriors want to turn English into a sterilized “communist” language.

Disney+ slaps content warning for ‘outdated cultural depictions’ on classic animated movies

Disney’s new streaming service warns fans that they may encounter “outdated cultural depictions” while watching some of its older content.

‘No Gender December’: Parents Urged to ‘Buy a Boy a Barbie’ to Break Gender...

Australian parents are being urged to "buy a boy a Barbie" in the lead up to Christmas in the hope of smashing gender stereotypes that divide boys and girls.

Leftist Washington Post columnist to teach anti-Trump course at Harvard

A well-known liberal pundit will be teaching a course at Harvard University this fall titled "Donald Trump and the Challenge to Liberal Democracy.”

Gay Clergy To No Longer Swear Celibacy

Gay clergy would still be expected to adhere to the Church's teaching that intercourse should only be in heterosexual marriage, but their superiors, according to the Sunday Times, will not question them on it.

British Girls’ School Bans Staff from Calling Students ‘Girls’

The Altrincham Grammar School for Girls in the United Kingdom has officially banned its teacher from addressing its students as “girls.”

College Students Claim Objective ‘Truth’ Is A Racist ‘Myth’

It's finally happened: the Social Justice Left has openly called objective "truth" a racist "myth" steeped in "white supremacy."

Philosophy Professor: Students Too Fearful To Debate Controversial Topics

UT Austin professor says political correctness killed his moral ethics course.

Obama Mentor Bill Ayers Working With ANTIFA Terrorist Group

Former mentor of Barack Obama and violent domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is officially linked to Antifa through his group “Refuse Fascism”.

New York City Professor Calls Merit-Based Education ‘Tool of Whiteness’

A NYC math professor wrote an academic paper contending that meritocracy (merit-based education) in math class is a tool of "whiteness".
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