CA Democrat State Senator Announces Using ‘He/She’ Pronouns Will Be Banned During Hearings

California Senator and Senate Judiciary Committee chair Hannah-Beth Jackson announced that only "gender neutral" pronouns will be permitted during committee hearings.

New York Times Promotes Antifa’s Coup On Saturday

Can you imagine the outrage if a Christian organization wanted to promote a rally to abolish abortion in the New York Times? Nope?

‘THEYBIES:’ New Trend Has Millennial Parents Raising ‘Gender-Neutral’ Kids

There's a disturbing new trend in Millennial parenting: raising "they-bies," or children who aren't identified with either gender until they are old enough to "choose" their gender for themselves.
Harper Lee and Mark Twain banned by Minnesota schools over racial slurs

Harper Lee and Mark Twain banned by Minnesota schools over racial slurs

Classic novels have been pulled from school syllabuses in Minnesota over fears their use of racial slurs will upset students.

Feminists Perform Bloody Fake Abortion On Woman Dressed As Virgin Mary

Feminists have staged a mock blasphemous abortion on a woman dressed as the Virgin Mary, outside an Argentinean cathedral.

Princeton University allows students to select from SIX gender identities

Princeton students to choose from six genders including: 'Cisgender,' 'Genderqueer/gender non-conform[ing],' 'Trans/transgender,' 'Man,' 'Woman,' and 'Other'.

UK Man Investigated by Police for “Thought Crime” of Retweeting Transgender Limerick

After Mr Miller questioned why the complainant was being described as a “victim” if no crime had been committed, the officer told him: “We need to check your thinking”.

5 Statistics That Show Media Bias Is Real

The public has some serious disdain for the media and it's easy to see why: the media's left-wing bias is shoved in the public's face on a daily basis.

San Francisco Bans Fur Sales to Protect Animals, But Killing Unborn Babies is Perfectly...

Politicians recently examined the fur coat industry and determined that it was a shame that the city was killing animals for profit.

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook could fill role played by churches in civil society

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's latest disturbing idea is to turn Facebook into an institution that can mimic religion’s role in civil society.