German parliament votes to legalise same-sex marriage

Germany’s parliament has voted to legalise same-sex marriage by 393 votes to 226, despite Angela Merkel opposing the move.

Ashers Bakery: Christian Couple Win Major UK Supreme Court ‘Gay Cake’ Discrimination Case

The McArthur's won their court appeal after it was decided that they did not discriminate against a gay man by refusing to make a SSM cake.

LGBT Mega-Donor Reveals Next Goal: ‘Punish the Wicked’ Gay Marriage Opponents

A prominent LGBT activist has said that "wicked" people who protect the religious freedom of conservative Christians need to be "punished."

‘We Want Real Change’: Gay Lobby Groups Join Forces To Fight For LGBT Inclusion...

LGCM has been working for more than 40 years to lobby for the full inclusion of gay, lesbian and bisexual people in the life of Christian churches, while Changing Attitude has focused on the Church of England for two decades.

The Reality Facing The US Since Marriage Was Redefined Two Years Ago

The changes over just the last two years demonstrate that the Supreme Court decision resulted in more than simple legal recognition of “marriages”.

Beware The Global Force Behind Same-Sex Marriage

The push for “marriage equality” is hardly a movement by the masses – it is a select few manipulating many with global implications.

Australian MPs vote Yes to gay marriage, all amendments to protect Christians voted down

The same-sex marriage bill has passed the Australian parliament’s lower house in what has been a sad and difficult day for conservatives.

Angela Merkel will allow MPs free vote on gay marriage

Angela Merkel has said she is prepared to allow a free vote in the German parliament on same-sex marriage, a shift driven by changing public opinion.

Bait And Switch: How Same Sex Marriage Ends Family Autonomy

The goal isn't equality - it's abolishing an institution.

Argentinian Judge Rules Widow Can Have Lesbian Wedding with Her Own Step-Daughter Because They...

A family court judge in Argentina has given a widow permission to marry the daughter of her late husband because 'they have the right to be happy'.