Canadian TV says children seeing nude men at Pride is a good discussion opportunity

Canada’s public broadcaster CBC, funded by the taxpayers, says children seeing nude men at Gay Pride rally is a good discussion point. Yes, really.

8-year-old drag queen ‘Lactatia’ says if your parents don’t let you do drag, ‘you...

“Lactatia” started getting into drag when he was 7, the Advocate reported, and just a year later — he’s now the newest sensation in Montreal’s drag scene.

CDC Survey: Spike in homosexuality among American youth due to indoctrination

America is doing a terrific job of pushing LGBT in schools, and as a result, more of our kids are engaging in this behavior and adopting the identity.

LGBT activist rewrites American classic ‘Little Women,’ makes main character lesbian

LGBTI revisionists have moved onto another hero of children’s literature: Jo March of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.

South Dakota Just Slammed the Hammer Down on LGBT Agenda with New Legislation

In a blow to the Left determined to indoctrinate our youth, South Dakota could become the first state to ban schools from teaching gender identity.

Sesame Street celebrates LGBT during Gay Pride Month

In a surprise "Pride Month" move, the iconic children’s show, Sesame Street, announced its support for the LGBT movement.

Disney Unveils Rainbow LGBT Mickey Mouse Ears for June “Pride Month”

In time for the official gay “Pride” month of June, all Disney parks will begin selling specially designed rainbow Mickey Mouse ears.

Disney Rolls Out First ‘Boy Princess’ on Show That Featured Gay Kiss

There is a truly sick obsession in our culture of permeating every aspect of a child’s life with the gender-bending agenda.

New Animated Short Film Aimed At Children Portrays Two Boys Who Fall In Love

A sickening short animated film aimed at children of two young boys falling in love has just been released on Youtube and Vimeo.

University of Michigan Holds Lecture to Explore Sexual Relationships Between Men and Boys

The idea of intellectually exploring pederastic relationships is making a comeback, this time at the University of Michigan.