UK Girl Scouts Allow Adult Males Who “Identify” as Female To Shower With Girls

All members, ages 5 to 25, "are allowed to use the facilities of the gender they self-identify as."

South Dakota Just Slammed the Hammer Down on LGBT Agenda with New Legislation

In a blow to the Left determined to indoctrinate our youth, South Dakota could become the first state to ban schools from teaching gender identity.

Skirts for boys at private UK Highgate School under plans for gender-neutral uniform

A UK private school has drawn up plans for gender-neutral uniforms in response to a growing number of pupils questioning their gender identity.

Toxic Masculinity? America’s Universities Turning Men Into Women

In today's re-engineered version of manhood, guys no longer have friends—they have bromances, and they settle disputes by hugging it out.

New leader of European Conservatives branded “homophobe” by LGBT extremists

LGBT militants are furious, smearing him as a “homophobe” due to his very solid natural law defence of the family and marriage.

Cartoon Network promotes LGBT ‘pride month’ to young children

Cartoon Network, the popular television channel watched by millions of children, promoted LGBT pride month by using one of its widely popular shows to encourage fans to “stand proud."

LGBT Groups: Conservative Christians ‘Have No Place in Government’

LGBT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign believes that Christian organizations should be disqualified from being given a government-funded platform.

McDonald’s to use rainbow fry boxes at restaurants along Capital Pride parade route

McDonald’s is celebrating gay pride with rainbow fry boxes set to be used at several restaurants near the upcoming Capital Pride parade route.

8-year-old drag queen ‘Lactatia’ says if your parents don’t let you do drag, ‘you...

“Lactatia” started getting into drag when he was 7, the Advocate reported, and just a year later — he’s now the newest sensation in Montreal’s drag scene.

Gender-Confused Kids Are Being Experimented on With Hormone Therapy: Experts

A new report questions the safety and effectiveness of puberty-blocking hormone therapy as its side-effects haven't yet been adequately researched.