Amazon Bans Books On Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’

Amazon has removed the books of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, the psychologist whom critics have dubbed 'the father of conversion therapy.'

Facebook, Instagram Ban ‘Dangerous’ Figures: Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson

In a huge blow to freedom of speech, Facebook and Instagram have permanently banned Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson and others. Cited as "dangerous" individuals.

Facebook issues 30-day ban, says Bible verse violates Community Standards

Making matters worse, the post was first put up in 2015 — three years ago.

Mark Zuckerberg Brags: We Didn’t Allow Pro-Life Groups to Advertise Before Ireland’s Abortion Vote

There was no legal reason to disallow the ads. But what did Facebook do? You guessed it: "We ended up not allowing the ads."

Instagram removes Babylon Bee founder’s cartoon comparing abortion and slavery, calling it ‘hate speech’

The founder of the popular Christian satire site Babylon Bee recently had a post to Instagram comparing abortion to slavery removed by the social media website over claims that it was “hate speech.”

Doctor expelled from four Boston area hospitals citing health risks of LGBT lifestyle

Dr. Paul Church now expelled from four Boston area hospitals over comments to colleagues about its promotion of unhealthy, high-risk LGBT lifestyle.

YouTube Censors Lauren Southern Documentary ‘Borderless’

YouTube censored ‘Borderless,’ a new documentary about mass immigration from independent filmmaker Lauren Southern, on the day of its release.

Twitter bans women who ‘speak out against trans ideology’, feminists claim

Twitter is banning women from speaking out against the 'dangerous dogma of trans ideology', claim a group of angry feminists.

WATCH: Twitter Official Can’t Answer Why It Deemed Pro-Life Quote From Mother Teresa “Hate...

Cruz remarked, “Do either of you agree with the proposition that Mother Teresa is issuing hate speech?” A long silence followed. Monje elected to not answer the question.

Conservative Commentator Faith Goldy Banned by Airbnb

Conservative commentator and former candidate for Mayor of Toronto Faith Goldy has been banned by Airbnb.