First Gender Confused Man Ordained By Methodist Church

The Methodist Church has just ordained a man who has decided to live as a woman rather than seek help with his serious spiritual and mental issues.

Poll: 77% of Democrats with 4-Year Degrees Think Sex Not Determined at Birth

Three out of four college-educated Democrats seem to believe that a man can be a woman if he just says so, regardless of his biology.

Church of England tells primary schools: Let little boys wear tutus and high heels...

Boys as young as five should be allowed to wear tiaras and high heels if they want to, says the Church of England in its first advice on transphobic bullying.

UK teacher suspended after praising pupil using the wrong gender

I called a trans boy a girl by mistake... and it may cost me my job as a teacher.

You Won’t Believe How Many Children In the UK Are Being Sent to Sex...

A new form of child abuse is sweeping the Western world. Sex changes for children.

UK Government Blasts UN Because Treaty Says ‘Pregnant Women’ Instead Of ‘Pregnant People’

Britain claims the term is disrespectful to transgender people who have given birth.

North Carolina Governor: Businesses must allow men in women’s restrooms

Gov. Roy Cooper signed an executive order that forces North Carolina businesses to allow men to use women’s restrooms – as well as permit women in men’s restrooms.

California Can Now Jail People For Misusing Gender Pronouns

California can now start jailing people that refuse to use the preferred gender pronouns of nursing home residents after Dem. Gov. signed the bill.

First Grader Sent to Office, Investigated, for “Pronoun Mishap”

A first grader at a California school was sent to the principal’s office this week after she accidentally “mis-gendered” a transgender classmate.

Transgender Day Camp In California Among The First Ever To Include 4-Year-Olds

California’s Rainbow Day Camp is apparently one of the only camps of its kind in the world… and probably with good reason.