The head of Twitter apologized over the weekend for having dinner at Chick-fil-A as a private citizen, in response to liberal outrage over the restaurant chain’s Christian values.

On Saturday evening, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted a screenshot showing he had eaten at a Los Angeles Chick-fil-a location.

Chick-fil-a is famously operated on the Christian principles of its national leadership, including closing on Sundays, listing “to glorify God” as part of its corporate purpose, and its active charitable arm. In recent years, liberals have attempted to boycott the chain due to CEO Dan Cathy’s stated opposition to same-sex “marriage” and the company’s donations to social conservative groups such as Family Research Council and Focus on the Family.

Many homosexual employees and customers have testified that Chick-fil-A’s principles have never translated to mistreating them, and the protests have failed to stem the company’s popularity or expansion.

Nevertheless, a variety of left-wing pundits, artists, and others pounced on Dorsey for boosting Chick-fil-A during LGBT “Pride Month”:

Other followers agreed with his original tweet and defended Dorsey’s decision to frequent the chain, but on Sunday the CEO apologized, saying he had “completely forgot[ten] about their background”:

In response, various observers criticized Dorsey both for caving to what many called the “Twitter mob,” and for suggesting Chick-fil-A’s “background” was something ugly:

While the overwhelming majority of the responses were in that vein, a few left-wing Twitter users deemed Dorsey’s statement of regret insufficient:

Dorsey is the latest in a long line of both public and private figures to be publicly shamed for associating with ideas, individuals, or groups opposed by the LGBT lobby. Earlier this month, the workout company ChrossFit fired Indianapolis affiliate owner Brandon Lowe and knowledge officer Russell Berger because Lowe had canceled a “pride” event at his gym and Berger had publicly supported him for opposing “sin.”

However, in Dorsey’s case it may be true that he simply forgot Chick-fil-A’s conservative Christianity, and would have boycotted it had he remembered. He has advertised his personal support LGBT “pride” since at least 2013, and in 2015 he declared that “if you refuse LGBT’s business, we don’t want your business.”

In April, Dorsey endorsed as a “great read” an article declaring that the Republican Party were “the bad guys on the wrong side of history” akin to the slaveholding South, who must be “beaten, and badly” by a Democratic supermajority that must dominate American politics for at least a generation.

To many, Dorsey’s endorsement was seen as additional confirmation of partisan intent behind evidence that Twitter discriminates against conservative voices on its officially-neutral platform. The company has attempted to block a number of pro-life advertisements and allows left-wing groups such as the pro-homosexual GLAAD to advise it on “trust and safety” issues. In addition, Twitter insiders have been caught on video admitting that they “shadow-ban” conservative users, and have admitted to Congress to censoring hashtags of interest to conservatives during the 2016 election.



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