The Texas Health and Human Services officials have informed Planned Parenthood that their abortion mill will no longer be funded by taxpayer dollars. In 30 days, the lucrative “nonprofit” will be relieved of their Medicaid funds, which equates to $3.1 million annually, reports The Texas Tribune.

Planned Parenthood currently provides over 320,000 abortions annually, or about 33 percent of the abortions nationwide. Well over 500 million tax dollars are poured into the abortion giant each year, although the company reportedly profited a whopping $127 million in 2015 and has cleared roughly $700 million during the tenure of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards.

According to the notice from department Inspector General Stuart Bowen, the decision to defund the scandal-ridden abortion company was motivated in large part to undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress last summer allegedly exposing Planned Parenthood profiting off of aborted fetal remains, which is a crime. Planned Parenthood has denied any wrongdoing.

The videos showed that “Planned Parenthood violated state and federal law,” said Bowen. The abortion provider showed “willingness to charge more than the costs incurred for procuring fetal tissue,” he added.

The notice went on to condemned Planned Parenthood for their legal violations and actions tantamount to ethical malpractice.

“Your misconduct is directly related to whether you are qualified to provide medical services in a professionally competent, safe, legal and ethical manner,” wrote Bowen. “Your actions violate generally accepted medical standards, as reflected in state and federal law, and are Medicaid program violations that justify termination.”

As noted by LifeNews, a number of states have attempted to defund Planned Parenthood in the wake of the gruesome Center for Medical Progress undercover videos, though many efforts have been blocked by courts. Last week, President Obama, on his way out of the White House, approved a new regulation which will bar states from defunding the abortion giant.

“Obama approved of a new regulation from the Department of Health and Human Services that prevents states from handing out Title X funding to Planned Parenthood,” The Daily Wire’s Aaron Bandler reported last week. “Prior to the rule, states like Florida and Tennessee had directed Title X funding to other health centers instead of Planned Parenthood, especially in light of videos showing Planned Parenthood’s affinity for dismembering babies and selling their body parts for profit.”

“The amendment precludes project recipients from using criteria in their selection of subrecipients that are unrelated to the ability to deliver services to program beneficiaries in an effective manner,” states the regulation.

In response, pro-life politicians, such as Rep. Diane Black (R-TN), came out swinging, slamming Obama’s overt parting gift to Planned Parenthood, an arm of the Democratic Party.

“President Obama knows that hope is rising for the innocent victims of Planned Parenthood’s brutality and the big abortion industry’s days of taxpayer-funded windfalls are numbered,” stated Black. “We should not be surprised that his administration would lash out with this eleventh hour power grab on the way out the door, but I am certain this rule will not stand for long.”

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court and has signaled that he would defund Planned Parenthood as long as they are still performing abortions.

Source: Daily Wire


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