Australian Rugby superstar Israel Folau has reportedly had his sponsored car taken off him following comments made on social media about homosexuality.

Car company Land Rover had given Folau a new vehicle after signing on to be Rugby Australia’s car sponsor but were apparently so upset by the star’s social media posts regarding the gay community, they seized the car according to the Daily Telegraph.

Folau posted that unrepentant homosexuals were destined for hell on April 2 and the car was apparently repossessed only a week later.

Land Rover said they disagreed with Waratahs star’s views and claim he was never an official ambassador for the company.

It’s the first hit to the hip pocket for the cross-code star after posting about his Christian beliefs.

The 29-year-old followed up his initial post with more content supporting his views, with a video warning that suggested that tolerance of homosexuality (among other sins) would be punished by God. Watch the video that Folau posted below:

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika confirmed in a recent interview that Folau wouldn’t be making any more comments on the issue.

“What’s happened has happened, it’s been dealt with now and it’s not going to be ongoing, so it’s not going to be an issue,” Cheika told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“There’s been a lot of conjecture on this on this from all different sides, left wing, right wing and all that type of stuff. But we need to be focusing on the footy, and getting ourselves clear on a big series against the northern hemisphere champions.

This latest development has only underscored the hostile climate toward Christians who hold to the Biblical standard of sexual morality. It seems that the negative attitude towards Christians is only going to get worse.

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