There seems to be a concerted effort among abortion activists to pervert Christian teachings by using religious arguments to justify killing unborn babies.

A new book by Presbyterian minister Rebecca Todd Peters pushes the notion that killing an unborn baby is not wrong.

In “Trust Women: A Progressive Christian Argument for Reproductive Justice” from Beacon Press, Todd Peters argues for abortion from a religious perspective.

Todd Peters, who also is a professor at Elon University, wrote, “The starting point of our ethical conversation should be women’s lives, [yet] the problem that we face in this country is our failure to trust women to act as rational, capable, responsible moral agents.”

Here’s more from Publishers Weekly’s review of her book:

For Peters, who is open about having had abortions, there are big problems with the way Christians and Catholics frame moral questions around abortion and women. She writes that they employ a “justification paradigm” in which the default expectation is for women to bear children if they get pregnant, and they must “justify their moral decision” to do otherwise. Peters’s book is dense with the history of women’s rights, as well as analysis of patriarchal oppression and the ways the church, legislators, and businesses have tried to control and govern women’s bodies. This theologically astute and social justice–minded book will appeal to progressive Christians who are interested in reclaim-ing abortion as an issue of women’s health and could easily become part of the required reading for an array of university courses.

Elon University had this to say about her book: “Her most recent work is developing a Christian ethic of reproductive justice as the framework for thinking about women’s whole reproductive lives, including everything from access to contraception to fertility treatments to unplanned pregnancies. … This new project also focuses on helping people think in more sophisticated ways about how pregnancy challenges our existing moral categories of personhood and life.”

Todd Peters is a minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA), a liberal protestant denomination whose pastors sometimes promote abortion in contradiction to traditional Christian church teachings about the sanctity of life.

Christianity teaches that every human life is created in the image of God and therefore is valuable from the moment of conception to natural death. The Bible describes the “shedding of innocent blood” as one of the seven things that God hates the most, and murder is wrong. The teachings are simple and clear: Human life is valuable, and killing innocent humans is wrong. Why can’t abortion activists put these two teachings together and understand that abortion is abhorrently wrong?

Source: Life News


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