A Chinese nurse was reportedly sentenced to two years in prison on a count of child kidnapping after she spared an aborted baby and gave him to her cousin.

According to The Daily Mail, in April of 2013, 18-year-old Lili from Inner Mongolia discovered she was with child but kept the pregnancy secret until she had reached 35 weeks.

At that point, the outlet reports, Lili’s brother accompanied her to an abortion clinic. After having the procedure completed, officials at the clinic reportedly told Lili that it had been successful.

The young women reportedly paid the cost of the procedure as well as a “disposal fee” for the fetus and went on her way.

As this was all transpiring, China’s one child policy – which has resulted in many an abortion – was still in effect. That policy was discontinued in 2015.

However, unbeknownst to Lili at the time, a nurse working in the abortion clinic had other plans.

The nurse – Liang Xiaohua – allegedly heard the baby crying and felt impressed to remove him from the plastic disposal bag in an effort to save him.

Xiaohua proceeded to attach the child to oxygen and water and hid him in a cupboard.

Subsequently, Xiaohua reportedly called someone and asked if they would like a child. She later sold the baby to her cousin, who took the baby home.

China is known for having some of the most heartbreaking abortion policies of any country in the world. In 2012, for example, China made headlines after forcing a woman to have a late term abortion.

According to The Daily Mail, local villagers became suspicious of said cousin after noticing the baby and called to inform police of the situation.

Ultimately, police uncovered the baby’s true origins and – three days after the abortion had taken place – informed Lily of the situation.

Lily reportedly sought to learn more about the whereabouts of her child but was denied by both police officers and the government.

As for Liang Xiaohua, The Daily Mail reports that she – in 2014 – was arrested and accused of child abduction.

Lili further attempted to sue Xiaohua for legal fees and support costs totalling roughly $162,000 in USD.

While this request for money was denied, The Daily Mail reports that Xiaohua ultimately received two years in prison for her “crime.”

Let’s get this straight. A nurse is sentenced to two years in prison for selling a crying baby in a plastic bag who survived a late-term abortion?

The murderers get no punishment while the savior of the baby gets a jail sentence? What can we learn from this tangled web of confused ethics? When we abandon the commandment “do not murder,” all the alternative lines we can create are blurry and flexible, leaving no end to the evil that can be justified.

According to The Daily Mail, legal proceedings for the case wrapped up this May.

It appears details of the case are just coming to light – likely due to a publication ban aimed at protecting the case and those involved – but they’re causing quite a stir online.

“Abortion at 35 weeks pregnant?” wrote one Daily Mail commenter. “That is awful!”

Another wrote, “how can you just bag up a baby and throw the poor thing away? How cruel this world is.”

“At 35 weeks?” a third commented. “Poor little guy, glad he survived, shame on you.”

Another user, critical of Lili’s request for compensation, wrote, “so typical of these left wingers, perfectly happy to arrange the murder of a baby but then wants compensation when the baby doesn’t die!”

In the same vein, one user described Lili’s request as “shocking and selfish.”

Source: The Activist Mommy


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