On Tuesday, Out Magazine cheered an upcoming “queergender” adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” set “after society has exterminated cisgender men.”

“Set in a not-too-distant future, R + J takes place 50 years after society has exterminated cisgender men,” reads a tweet from the magazine.

The progressive play, set to premier off-Broadway in the fall and directed by Molly Houlahan, “strips” the classic “of its hetero-normative structure,” the magazine reports.

The “diverse” cast includes “six female and gender-nonconforming actors, as well as a fully female and gender-nonconforming crew.”

“As the government still relies on martial law to keep the factions in check, two young heirs unexpectedly fall in love. One is from the Montagues, the militaristic warmongers responsible for the purge of society’s men. The other is the Capulets, controllers of information and the media, fighting to regain independence from a sovereign state,” Out explains.

This queergender version of the play, the magazine says, “explore[s] mainstream feminism, patriarchal structures, and a society struggling to rebuild in their wake.”

Source: Daily Wire


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