A pastor of a Detroit-area church along with his family have received death threats, arson threats, and bomb threats from LGBT advocates after advertising a Bible-based workshop for teenage girls struggling with their sexual identity.

“A whole bunch of people have come up with this idea that we are offering some sort of conversion-therapy workshop,” Metro City Church Pastor Jeremy Schossau explained on a Feb. 5 YouTube video about the backlash to his church’s program titled “Unashamed Identity.”

“As a result of that, we’ve had an unbelievable backlash on social media filled with hate and vulgarity,” Schossau continued.

“People have literally threatened to kill me and my family, to burn our house down, to burn our Church down, to assault the people of our Church and our staff,” he said.

At one point, the church was receiving as many as 40 voicemail messages a minute from critics of the program.

The pastor received messages on social media such as: “Kill yourself. We don’t want you here. ‘God’ can have your a**hole.”

“The vast majority are filled with vulgarity, hate, and threats of all kinds,” Schossau told the Detroit Metro Times about the thousands of angry complaints with “unbridled” hate and vitriol that the church has received about the workshop.

One man was charged by police after threatening, “Every member of the ANTIFA will show up ‘armed and ready.  This is not a joke.’”

The six-week workshop for girls 12-16 — which was canceled at the last minute due to a planned protest by LGBT advocates — was promoted as “a safe place for teenage girls to learn what the Bible teaches about sexuality.” FORGE Ministries designed it “for those struggling with the thoughts that they are Trans – Bi – Gay – or other.”

“Through thoughtful, relevant, and biblical counsel, we will help your girl be unashamed of her true sexual identity given to her by God at birth,” a social media posting about the workshop, which has since been taken down, stated.

“What we find incredibly odd is there is no seeking to understand what we are truly doing,” Pastor Schossau said.  “Only the assumption that we are practicing some sort of (forced) conversion therapy.”

He emphasized that participants come voluntarily, are not coerced in any way, are not shamed at all, and no one forces any girl’s decision.

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