Faith Goldy while reporting for Rebel News – Photo: Screenshot

Conservative commentator and former candidate for Mayor of Toronto Faith Goldy has been banned by Airbnb.

Yes, really.

“It’s been over a month since I’ve used @Airbnb,” tweeted Goldy.

“My inbox was littered with reviews like, “Cleanest guest ever!” “Prompt communication, highly recommend.”

“This ban has nothing to do with my behaviour, it has everything to do with my politics.”

“No opt for recourse!”

This is by no means the first time people on the right have been deplatformed by companies.

PayPal, Mastercard, Patreon and others have all withdrawn services to dissident commentators because ‘reasons’.

Laura Loomer was even banned by Uber.

Forget social media, conservatives’ basic right to services and e-commerce is being withdrawn, but the Trump administration is yet to pass any kind of executive order to address the issue.

Source: Summit News


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