It’s Time to Put #ThemBeforeUs: The Global Movement for Children’s Rights

By KATY FAUST – Becoming a defender of children’s rights is the best strategy when it comes to protecting children and defeating bad policy.

If masculinity is ‘toxic’, then what is feminism?

Feminism is extremely toxic – deadly, in fact, if one counts the number of tiny children whose lives it has claimed.

Porn is Slowly Killing Evangelicalism

By GRAYSON GILBERT – We live in a culture that consumes pornography at the same rate as hamburgers – and we don’t see that as an absolutely terrifying trend.

The Prophetic Voice of the Church to Society

By DAVE PELLOWE – The white-anting of those Christian values threatens the foundation the whole house is built on, and for the sake of its residents, the foundation must be reinforced once again.

Wanted: Heroes For Dark Times

In ordinary times we can get by with ordinary men – and women. But we no longer live in ordinary times. We live in extraordinarily dark and evil times. And during such times the ordinary will just not cut it. We need heroes in days like this.

Why Are So Many Millennial Christians Confused About Homosexuality?

By DR MICHAEL L. BROWN Ph.D – How is it that the Bible can be so clear on a particular subject — in this case, homosexuality — and yet some Christians are not clear on what the Bible says?

Yes, Surrogacy is Wrong Even When Straight Couples Do It

By KATY FAUST – While it may fulfil the desires of adults, surrogacy is always harmful to children. Even in the “best case” scenario.

Religious Freedom and the Menace of Secular Neutrality

By DR AUGUSTO ZIMMERMANN – Religious freedom is a fundamental right that ought to be enjoyed by every citizen. It is a right recognising that every person should be able to pursue his or her transcendent ends freely and without government coercion.

‘Veggie Tales’ Is Racist and Don’t Bring Home the Bacon

By DR. MICHAEL L. BROWN PhD – In the increasingly bizarre world dictated by a radical PC culture, you must guard every word you speak, lest you offend someone’s sensitivities.

Understanding Cultural Marxism

If the older Marxists could not bring down the West with bullets and tanks, the cultural Marxists are pulling it off easily in their long march through the institutions.