Ex-Gay ‘X-Factor’ Contestant Faces Backlash for Saying He Found Christ, Left LGBT Lifestyle

An ex-gay contestant on the Maltese version of the musical reality series "X Factor" has drawn backlash after he declared on the show that homosexual "love" is "sin" and that he left the lifestyle after he found Christ.

Ashers Bakery: Christian Couple Win Major UK Supreme Court ‘Gay Cake’ Discrimination Case

The McArthur's won their court appeal after it was decided that they did not discriminate against a gay man by refusing to make a SSM cake.

Switzerland votes overwhelmingly to jail citizens for ‘homophobia,’ ‘transphobia’

By an almost two-to-one vote, the National Council of Switzerland have voted on a measure to criminalize “homophobia” and “discrimination.”

Send Those Who Question Transgenderism to Gulags, Says Student LGBT Group

A leftist student group defended Stalin’s Gulag labour camps, calling them more “compassionate” than the “western, capitalist notion of prison”.

Yale Survey Of Its Freshman Finds More Who Identify As LGBTQ Than Conservative

According to a Yale survey of freshmen students, more students of the class of 2022 identify as LGBTQ than as conservatives, Protestants or Catholics.

College Students to Learn about ‘Queering the Bible’ and ‘Transgender Christs’ This Fall

American college students will have the option of taking classes discussing “queering childhood,” “queering the Bible” and “transgender Christs.”

Italy to restore ‘mother…father’ on website forms, replacing ‘parent 1…parent 2’

Italy’s Catholic Deputy Prime Minister has ordered that the words “parent 1” and “parent 2” be deleted from online government forms that parents are required to fill and be replaced with “mother” and “father.”

New Genderqueer ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Set ‘After Society Has Exterminated Cisgender Men’

Out Magazine cheered an upcoming "queergender" adaptation of Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" set "after society has exterminated cisgender men."

California Senate passes bill banning books, therapy to help unwanted gay attraction

The California Senate has voted to approve the nation’s broadest proposed ban on treatment for overcoming unwanted same-sex attractions.

First Transgender Nominee for Governor Thinks ‘Radicalized Christians’ Are a Threat

Christine Hallquist, the new Democratic nominee for governor of Vermont and America's first major party transgender candidate, once tweeted that "radicalized Christians" are a problem that Americans currently "tolerate."