Largest Transgender Survey Ever in U.S. Reveals High Rates of Sexual Assault, Suicide, HIV,...

A gay rights organization recently published the largest survey of transgender people ever attempted in the United States.

Stop Using Words ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’, says Victoria’s Minister for ‘Equality’

Victorian govt workers are being discouraged from using “heteronormative” terms such as “husband” and “wife” in a new guide.

New UN Czar for Homosexual and Transgender Rights Taunts General Assembly

Professor Vitit Muntarbhorn, the newly appointed UN expert for LGBT rights has laid out a provocative agenda for his 3-year term.

Bait And Switch: How Same Sex Marriage Ends Family Autonomy

The goal isn't equality - it's abolishing an institution.

‘Highlights’ Magazine has Caved to the Left

Where is the last place parents would suspect their kiddos to be exposed to same-sex "families" portrayed as normal?

Gays, Bias and Phony Science

IN case you missed it, there has been a “crisis of replication” in the social sciences recently. Or at least it was discovered recently.

Judge Upholds Forced LGBT Indoctrination in Ontario Schools, Tells Christian Dad to Pull Kids...

An Ontario judge has ruled against a Hamilton father of two in a decision critics say strikes a major blow to parental rights.

The Ontario Gov’t is About to Redefine Your Relationship With Your Child to Appease...

The new bill gets rid of "mother" and "father" in family law — mum entirely — to allow for a purely contractual relationship between up to four adult parents, and the children that are legally identified as theirs.

LGBT Activists Defeat African Nations In Major Victory at UN

LGBT activists were handed a victory at the United Nations today when an effort to thwart the first special U.N. independent “expert” overseeing LGBT issues failed. In a lead up...

Why the “Born This Way” Mantra is Being Scientifically and Psychologically Debunked

Those who are setting our so-called “values”, such as the small but powerful group of academics, mainstream media, and homosexual activists, do so by attempting to impose strange myths...