Social Justice Warriorism as the New Communism

Even if equality of opportunity is fully achieved, all that has happened is that each of us starts off on the same rung of the ladder.

U.S. College Students Sign Petition to Ban ‘Racist’ Song ‘White Christmas’ from Radio

Students were all too willing to check their privilege and take a stand against Bing Crosby's racially charged micro-aggression.

U.S. College Professor Tells Students: Trump’s Election an ‘Act of Terrorism’

College professor laments that the election of Donald Trump was tantamount to an "act of terrorism,” according to a leaked video.

University Student: We Shouldn’t Take Final Exams Because Trump’s Election Has Been Stressful

Students were also asked if the college should provide a safe space from parking tickets, student loan debt, and final exams, to which they agreed.

Philosophy Professor: Students Too Fearful To Debate Controversial Topics

UT Austin professor says political correctness killed his moral ethics course.

Professor: Stop Calling All People Who Disagree with You ‘White Supremacists’

John McWhorter, an English Professor at Columbia University, is demanding that leftists stop labeling everyone that disagrees with them as “white supremacists.”

Liberals Are Starting to Notice Liberal Intolerance

Liberals are increasingly expressing disapproval of the intolerance on today's college campuses.

Canadian Gender-Neutral Pronoun Bill is a Warning for Americans

Two weeks ago I posted three YouTube videos about legislative threats to Canadian freedom of speech. I singled out Canada’s Federal Bill C-16, which adds legal protection for “gender...

The Left Can’t Stop Using Race to Silence Opponents

Some recent headlines: “The Electoral College Is an Instrument of White Supremacy — and Sexism,” exclaimed Slate magazine. CNN: “Math Is Racist: How Data Is Driving Inequality.” From the NBC affiliate in...