School board votes to close associated Christian school because of Bible verses

A public school board has voted to close an associated Christian school that it previously censured for publishing Scriptural texts.

New Facebook changes will see conservative news minimized and left wing news dominant

Thought Facebook had a left bias? You ain't seen nothing yet. Zuckerberg pledges to prioritise "high quality news" over less trusted sources.

Christian student loses appeal against university expulsion for Biblical view of homosexuality

High Court upholds Felix Ngole's dismissal from Sheffield University social work course after he called homosexuality 'an abomination' on Facebook.

Harvard Punishes Christian Student Group for Believing in Christianity

Harvard is disciplining a Christian student group for following basic Christian ethical teaching on sexuality.

Public board​ orders Christian school​ to stop reading ‘offensive’ Bible passages

A Canadian Christian school has been ordered by its school board to refrain from reading parts of the Bible that might contravene human rights legislation.

‘Activist Mommy’ Banned From Twitter After Sharing Story About Trans Suicide

Twitter has banned her for calling out the LGBT community for encouraging trans 'identity' instead of encouraging them to get psychological help.

UK politician resigns: Says it would be impossible for him to be party leader...

British politician Tim Farron resigns and admits it would be 'impossible' for him to be Liberal Democrat leader and 'remain faithful to Christ'.

Chilling: Police investigate stay-at-home mom for tweets against transgenderism

A mother of four was interviewed by the police for making comments critical of transgender ideology on Twitter.

Trudeau gov’t wants to remove Canada’s only federal law protecting freedom of worship

Canadian government is quietly expunging the “only section in the Criminal Code that directly protects the right of individuals to practise their religion.”

Michigan Farmer Banned From Farmers Market For Refusing to Host Same-Sex Weddings at His Orchard

A farmers market and Facebook posts have opened a new front in courtroom battles over religious freedom.