A plastic surgeon in Toronto who calls himself a “leader in the LGBT community” has admitted to performing double mastectomies on girls as young as fourteen who believe themselves to be ‘boys.’

Dr. Marc DuPéré will perform the procedure, despite the vast majority of children with gender identity confusion eventually reverting to their natal sex, as long as the teen girl is “firm about the decision to transition,” he wrote in a now deleted post on his website.

DuPéré defended what he calls “top surgery” of young girls in an interview with LifeSiteNews.

“Parents should encourage questioning with their children to understand ‘their story’,” he said.

His Visage Clinic in Toronto offers these “top surgeries” for about $9,000 and he recalls removing the breasts of two 14-year-old girls in the last five years. He also admits he’s done a few more of these surgeries on girls 15 and 16-years-old.

This is major surgery.

Double mastectomies typically leave scars on the patient’s chest while removing the possiblity of a woman breastfeeding any future children.

There’s also the ever-present possibility a girl or woman who gets such a surgery may later change her mind. Even DuPéré admits there is a risk of “regret”.

It’s not an insignificant risk.

In an online video, pediatrician Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, warns that children who think they are anything other than their biological gender usually change their minds later on.

“Sex is determined at conception by our DNA, stamped into every cell of our bodies,” she says in that video. “Human sexuality is binary. Either you have a normal Y chromosome and develop into a male, or you don’t and you will develop into a female.

“There are at least 6,500 genetic differences between men and women,” says Cretella. “Hormones and surgery cannot, and do not, change this.”

Cretella has called the transition-affirming movement that purports to help children nothing more than “institutionalized child abuse” that causes “untold psychological damage.”

“Sound ethics demand an immediate end to the use of pubertal suppression, cross-sex hormones, and sex reassignment surgeries in children and adolescent,” she has said.

There’s also evidence many children simply grow out of their feelings that they are the other gender. Western Sydney University professor of pediatrics John Whitehall has reportedly said that up to 90 per cent of transgender children simply change their minds by puberty.

Dr. Paul McHugh, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, has called gender surgery on children an experiment that he thinks society will come to “regret.”

“We’re doing experiments on these children,” said McHugh in a 2017 interview with LifeSiteNews.

“We should tell everybody this is an experimental procedure right now, and that experiment is not being done with controls. It’s not being done with clear statements to the parents that we can’t tell what the outcome’s going to be,” he said.

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